Michael J. Krupnick | Resume

We founded Krupnick Studio in 1995. Our work includes chicken coops, custom homes, historic renovations, restaurants, mixed use loft buildings, urban planning and high rise buildings. Each project is unique, but the design approach remains the same for all of the work. We believe that design really matters, and it affects people and our communities in profound ways. At Krupnick Studio, we physically produce all of our design work. We sweat over details personally. Our client’s input along with the context of each project, inform our designs. We work closely with contractors and craftsmen throughout the entire construction process. Together, with the team of people involved in each project we create beautiful architecture, in a similar way that a jazz band creates beautiful music, playing together and inspiring individual expression within a given context. The spirit of collaboration in a building project is inspiring to us.

We believe in building environmentally appropriate buildings, using existing materials when possible, and using environmentally sustainable materials.